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Blog Settings

Below, you will see a sample website showcasing many changes to your blog available in Settings. Click on any of the images below to view larger. Note: this sample website and its changes are not to be taken literally as exact changes you will see in your specific design, but is here to help you see all of the possible customizations. 

General Settings

Picture on summary

No (Default) Yes

Summary Length

The Summary Length field lets you define how many characters of the article can be displayed as a summary

Search Location

Left (Default) Right

If you would like to disable the search bar, select "None".

Author/Date Location

Top (Default) Bottom

Post Sort By

With this dropdown, you can choose between your blog posts being sorted alphabetically or by date on your blog page.

Share Post

Top (Default) Bottom

If you would like share options to display above and below the blog post, select "Both".

Category Post Sort

An option for sorting posts by category

Disable Page Heading

No (Default) Yes

Show CMS content above

No (Default) Yes

CMS top level only

By default, the Blog page content will only display on the blog's "home" page.  If set to "No", that content will display on all blog pages, including posts.

RSS Title

Set the title of the RSS feed