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Blog Posts

Creating Categories

Quickly Creating Multiple Categories

If you already have multiple categories in mind that you would like to create, you can click the "Add multiple categories" button. If not, then you can skip down to the "Creating a New Category" section.

Put each category on a separate line and then click "Save".

Your new categories will display as an editable Drag and Drop list.

Creating a New Category

Click the "Add Category" button.

Type in the name of the category and, optionally, a description which will display on the category's web page.

This is what your blog page may look like at this point.

Creating a New Post

In order to add content to your blog, press the "New Post" button.

You are now able to create a new blog post.

  • Published:  If you select "No", the post will be saved and you can finish it later.  The draft will not be displayed on the website.
  • Published Date:  You are able to select a custom date for the publishing date, or just click "Now" to publish the blog post with the current time.
  • Author/User:  Select which user will display as the author of the blog post.
  • Title:  The title of the blog post.
  • Categories: Select the category or categories you would like this blog post to appear under.