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Watch the VideoAn Overview of Components

Components are similar to regions in that they are sections of your web page that are editable. Region content can be unique to each web page, but component content can be consistent across multiple web pages (or even the entire website).

Examples of site-wide component content are header content (Logo, slogan, contact info, etc) and footer content (social network icons, footer links, copyright info, etc) because these are things that you want your visitor to see regardless of which page they are on. 

An example of a component you may create yourself is one for a specific phone number.  Suppose you need this number to display on 10 of your web pages.  If you write the number on all 10 pages, then when the phone number changes, you will have to go through and make the update 10 times. Components save you the work of having to write the same content over and over again on different web pages and allow you to make that change in just one location.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to edit site-wide components, create some of your own, and include them within your web pages.

Watch the VideoEditing a Component


As an example, suppose that your footer contains outdated information and you need to update it.

In the Components page, you will see the list of components for your specific website design. Click on the "edit" button to edit your component.

Don't forget to save after making your changes!

Creating a Component

In order to create a component, click the "Add New Component" button.

Write the content and then click "Save". (Click image to view larger)

Now click the "Pages" sidebar item. Go to the page and then navigate to the region you would like to include this component in.

(Click image to view larger)

The example demonstrates that the code needed to include components must be in the following format:

 After saving your changes, you will now see that the CMS used the code to output the contents of the component.


I installed a new theme, but why aren't some of my old components showing up?

When installing new skins, you have the option to overrride component content, but it will not delete old ones. As such, components can actually accumulate. If your previous skin had social media icons but your current one did not come with them, then your current one will not display them. (Unless, of course, they are manually coded in to the new skin).