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Creating Package Levels

If your listing manager has packages enabled, you can create a new package by navigating to its Settings, clicking "Packages", and then clicking "Add Package".


In the next screen, you will see the many options available to configure the package according to your needs.

  • Price Override Text:  Allows you to customize the price text displayed at the first step of Registration. (Optional)


  • Recurring/Expiration: Check this box if the package will be charged regularly as a service instead of a one time purchase.
    • Recurring Period: How often the customer will be billed
    • Trial Enabled: Allow customer to try the package at a different, introductory price
  • URL Link: Display the URL link defined in the listing details.
    • Requires Back Link / Back Link Enforced: When set to yes, will not allow a listing to be active until a valid back link exists.
    • No Follow: Toggle to Yes to reduce spam at the cost of any SEO benefits from the back links.
  • Main Image: Toggle to Yes to have the main uploaded image displayed on the "list view" screen displaying multiple listings.
  • Bold Listing: Listings under this package will display as bold
  • Featured: Listings under this package will be categorized as "Featured"
  • Allow Uploads: On creation of the listing, users of the website will be able to upload a defined number of photos/files to appear in the listing.
  • Youtube Embed: On creation of the listing, users of the website will be able to display up to 3 embedded videos on the listing. Acceptable sources include Youtube, Vimeo, and Photo Bucket.
  • Share Form: Display a Share Form on each of the listings under this package