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Finding Data - Filters, Sorting, Keyword Searching, Date Range

The platform has built in sorting, searching, date range and filtering where data rows are output.

For example - if you are in the shopping cart orders, you can search by keyword, sort by columns title and engage in multiple filters by selecting text in columns.

Let's say you wanted to see all orders with the keyword "walker", date range "all time", paid as yes or "y" and user as "". 

You would just enter the data as listed below. Notic that you can click on multiple data points in the columns to filter without having to type those words in to search.  To remove a filter - just click on the filter icon which is circled below - the little magnifying glass with the red minus.


Oh no - my data information is gone! If your data disappears - it just means you have set a filter with no information. Just clear the filter to get your data back.