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Gift Certificates

There are 2 ways to use gift certificates:

1. Go to shopping/gift certificates on the left. Create a gift certificate and assign an amount. You can give this to someone and with the code they can buy from the website. As the dollars are spent - the balance decreases. You can give these out at will but no revenue will come in for distributing this gift certificate to someone - but may encourage someone to buy more than the amount issued.

2. You can go to shopping/add a new product and then go to gift certificate tab. You can make that product a gift certificate and there are options that allow you to make predefined amounts or an amount they choose. The user will have to purchase this gift certificate.

You can create gift certificates as gifts to be given to other users and as products that can be purchased on the website.

Creating Gift Certificates

In order to create a Gift Certificate, click the "Add gift certificate" button.

  • Code: the code used at checkout. Click "Random" to auto-generate a code.
  • Balance: Enter the number value of the gift certificate without any symbols ($,%, etc ).
  • Description: This is where you can write some notes about this gift certificate for reference only. This will not be displayed on the website at checkout.

Gift Certificates can be used by anyone who knows the code, regardless of which user is logged into your site.

Gift Certificates as Products


In order to create a gift certificate as a product that customers can purchase through the shopping cart, click the "Products" sidebar item.

Click "Add Product", and then type in the name of the certificate. (Or just "Gift Certificate")

Navigate to the "Gift Certificate" tab, and then select "Product is a gift certificate".

The following two amount options will become available:

Enter the minimum amount a customer can load to the certificate. Leaving it blank or zero allows the customer to load any amount to the gift certificate.

Allow the customer to choose from a predefined list of amounts.  In this example a customer can purchase a gift certificate in the amount of 10, 20, 50, or 100 dollars.

If both options are checked, both options will display on the product page and the customer will be able to choose between a value in the dropdown or entering a custom value.