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Google Maps Widget

It's easy to embed a dynamic Google Map on your web page.

  1. First go to the "pages" and click on the page where you want the Google Map
  2. Next drag the map widget on the right pane into the location on the page where you want it to be
  3. Now that you've got a Google Map on your web page - you'll need to configure the Google Map. See the next section for more instruction.



To edit a Google Maps Widget with your address you'll need to get the right code/url from Google to populate the map.

  1. go to google maps
  2. input the correct address in the search field as shown. (#1 below)
  3. click share (#2 below)
  4. click the "embed" tab (#3 below)
  5. remember select the code for the "embed" share NOT the "link" share.
  6. select the URL from the "iframe" code not the entire code - just the long url
  7. click "edit map embed URL as shown in 2 above.
  8. a pop up box will appear. paste that url where it says link in the box (above #3)

If the right code is pasted you should see the widget immediately update. Click save if you are done editing that page.