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Promotion Codes

In addition to discounts on shopping cart products, promotion codes can also be used for discounts on subscriptions. 

As an example, suppose you would like to feature a promo code on your next advertising campaign where the first 100 people to subscribe to Gold Membership (created in the last tutorial) get a 20% discount. In this tutorial you will learn how to create such a code.  

In order to create a new promotion code, navigate to the "Promotion Codes" sidebar item and click "Add new".

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  • Code: You can write your own code, or click the gear to generate a random code for you.
  • Description: A brief description that will only display on the backend.
  • Subscription: By default, promo codes will apply to all subscriptions. In this dropdown, you can choose which specific subscription this code can be applied to.
  • Price Point: If you selected a specific subscription, you can further specify if the code will only apply to a specific price point.
  • Discount Amount: Enter the whole number amount of discount.
  • Type: Specify if the discount will be in dollars or percent.
  • New / Manual Use Limit: Enter the number of subscribers that can use this code, or enter 0 for no limit.
  • Start Date / End Date: Clicking these fields will display a calendar for your convenience.
  • Active: Toggle if this code is available for use at checkout or not.
  • Allow Renewal: Toggle if this code is usable for discounts on renewing subscriptions or only new subscriptions. 
  • Allow Reuse: Toggle if this code can be reused once the subscription ends or not.

Promo Use With Subscription

  • The first option in this section allows you to define how many times a person is able to use the promotion code before it expires and they return to normal pricing. Enter zero for unlimited use.
  • The second option in this section allows you to set a specific date when the promo code will expire. Use caution with this feature, as you are able to shorten a subscription that has already been paid for in full.
  • The third option in this section allows you to set a specific amount of time this code takes effect after the purchase date.