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Managing Subscriptions

The LunaSoft platform offers a highly customizable and powerful subscription system.

Creating Subscriptions

In order to create a new subscription, click "Add new".

(Click on image above to view larger)

  • Name: The name of the subscription as it will be displayed on the backend and the checkout web page.
  • Active: Toggle if this subscription plan is available for purchase on the website or not.
  • Period Pricing: Here you can define how often you would like to bill the customer for the service.
    • Add Price Point: By adding price points, you allow customers to have options to choose from.  Example: Gold Membership may be $49.99 a month, but here you can also add the option to charge $129.99 for 3 months or $499.99 for a year.
  • Direct Links: After you have saved your subscription and its price point options, you will be provided with links that go to the registration page but only display a specific price point.  Example of use: You are creating a mass email campaign and are trying to promote one price point above the others.
  • Trial Enabled: If set to "Yes", you can define a period of time you would like to charge a different price until the normal billing price takes effect.
  • Grandfather Pricing: Allows subscribers with auto renewal to keep their original rate despite rate increases.  If set to "Yes", you can also define how long customers can enjoy the grandfather price.  If set to "No", all customers will be charged current prices when their subscription ends.
  • Specific Expiration Date: You can select the date the subscription will expire regardless of when the customer purchased the subscription. This option also overrides trial periods and any promo codes used. Warning! Use this feature with caution.
  • Description: This will display on the checkout page under the subscription's name.
  • Thank You Message: The confirmation to display after the customer purchases the subscription.

After clicking "Save", your subscription has been saved to the system.

Now you need to create a web page so customers can find your subscription and purchase it.

Move to the Pages module and create a new page or select an existing page you will use for checkout. (Click image above to view larger)

Navigate to the Advanced tab, and then select "Subscriptions" in the Functionality dropdown.

This page is now your designated "subscriptions" page.

Navigate to the Page Info tab and click the link next to "Page URL" to view your progress. (Click image to view larger)