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Mass Import Products

Mass Import Products

Import Products

Step 1: Navigate to Shopping > Settings > Bulk Update. Download the example ZIP file and open up "data.csv". (Click on image to view larger)

This is the format you will want to follow when prepping your data for import.  Not every one of these columns is required for import, but you will need to follow both the naming pattern and ordering pattern for the columns you do include.

Here is an example of data that someone may want to import.  This data can be imported, but first, we will need to rename the columns and get them in the right order.  By comparing your datasheet to the example, you will need to determine which columns relate to each other.  In this case:

  • The "Item ID" column in this data relates to the "sku" column in the example data,
  • "Name" relates to "name",
  • "Category" relates to "category_1"*,
  • "Cost" relates to "our_cost",
  • "Price" relates to "cost",
  • "Quantity on Hand" relates to "num_in_stock",
  • and "Description" relates to "description".
  • These are just examples and not to be taken literally.  You will need to determine which of your fields in your specific datasheet correspond to the example fields.

*The category structure is for nested categories, not multiple categories. The importer doesn't support multiple categories at import time.  If a single product needs to be under more than one category then it will have to be set up in the admin by hand after it is imported.  In order to prevent errors and make this process easier, it is recommended that you not include categories in the CSV file, but rather create categories and organize your products into categories after import.  Categories are included in this tutorial for demonstration purposes in case you need to do it outside of the CMS.

Step 2: Rename the columns

Step 3: Reorder the columns to match the example (Click on image to view larger)


Your CSV file is now ready for import.

Step 4: Package your ZIP file

a. Make sure your CSV file (and your files folder if you would like to upload product photos) is located in a folder called "shopping_cart".

b. Compress/Zip the folder. (The name of the ZIP file won't affect the process)


Now "Browse" for the ZIP file you just created and click "Submit".  The CMS will now upload your data, and this may take a few minutes.


Export Products

If you only want to export your products' data and not their files (i.e. pictures), check the "Exclude Files" box.