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Creating Mass Email Campaigns

Creating Mass Email Messages

  • Name: The name of the email within the CMS
  • Description: a brief description of the email within the CMS, not required.
  • From Name: The name that will be displayed as who the email is from
  • From Email: The email account sending the message
  • Reply Email: The email account that will receive any replies.  If left blank the CMS will use the From Email as the Reply Email
  • Email Subject:  The text that will display to the recipients as the subject line

The email editor also supports the ability to pull HTML from a URL if you already have an existing email design you would like to use.

For a list of email editing tips, click

Creating Mass Email Campaigns

Click "Add new" to create a new email campaign.

  • Single Message: A one-time email to be sent
  • Drip Campaign: Multiple emails that can be sent according to a predefined schedule

After clicking "Continue", you will have the option to select which email or emails you would like to include as part of the campaign.

You are now able to choose who you would like the campaign to be sent to. (Click the image above to view larger)

If you are ready to send the emails, click "Start Campaign". After you are done, you will see the progress of your messages on the Campaigns page.

(Click the image above to view larger)

You will be able to view reporting immediately after starting the campaign. Simply navigate to the lists of campaigns and click the "Reporting" button on the right of the screen.