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Shipping Options

Shipping Options

In order to create a new Shipping Option, navigate to the Shopping Cart, click Settings/Advanced, and then click Shipping Options. You will see the "Add option" button.

  • Name: The name used to identify this shipping option in the CMS
  • Sysname: This field is used for API or integration purposes. Do not fill in unless you have been given instructions to do so.
  • Group Name: If you will be creating many shipping options and would like to organize them into groups, fill in the group name here.
  • Active: Determines if this option will be available for use within the shopping cart or not.
  • Type: Take advantage of the platform's rich shipping customization, which includes support for UPS and USPS.


Why is my UPS shipping option not displaying on the checkout page?

Ensure that your shipping option is configured correctly in the admin area. For example, UPS does require that the configured state field be two capital letters, as opposed to the full state name or two lowercase letters.


When I try to print a postage label, why does it display the word "sample" across the barcode?

All you need to do is set the shipping option to "Live" mode, and that fixes it. "Sample" only displays when the option is set to "Test" mode.