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Status Updates

With the Lunasoft platform, you can email the tracking number to your customers after you fulfill their order. (This feature is currently available for UPS customers. For others such as UPS, Fedex, the tracking number will have to be manually generated.)

For UPS customers, The first step is to create a postage label. (green arrow) *Important note: if you purchase a postage label through this interface, you will no longer have to purchase one from the UPS store if you intend to drop off the order there.

After generating the postage label, the next step will be to update the order. (orange arrow)


You should now see a popup that looks similar to what is pictured below. Update the "Status" dropdown and type the message you would like emailed to the customer in the content area below that.

*Note: you also have the option of creating predefined messages that can help save you time. Click here for more information. (Look for the "Order Update Status" section)

Click on the gear icon (red arrow) to add information dynamically to the message. If you want to add the tracking number to the email, click the appropriate tracking variable to add it to the content area (purple arrow).

Once the message is ready to send to the customer, check the "Notify Customer" box (blue arrow) and then click Submit.

The customer will then get an email with the order update.