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SSL Certificates - Encrypting Sensitive Data

If you would like us to install an SSL certificate for you and update it every quarter - please contact us for our current rates. It's affordable and worth it for security and user experience.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer.  SSL is a standard encryption method for ensuring your website content and data submitted on your website is not passed in plain text, rather is encrypted so data remains private and secure. You will see https in the web browser typically with a padlock icon when a site is secure.  A site where the certificate has expired will prompt you that the site is not secure.

There are several reasons to encrypt a website including:

  • Protecting your users sensitive data
  • Credit Card and PCI compliance
    • e commerce transactions - processing credit card data
    • accepting payments on from a form
  • HIPPA compliance
  • SSA compliance
  • Gaining customer trust
  • Reduce liability
  • Many other reasons

In most server configurations a systems admin or server administrator will need to configure your server to accept the SSL certificate and then install the certificate on the server.

LunaSoft has created an admin panel for advanced users to install certificates themselves. Because of the nature and liability of SSL certificates, LunaSoft does not offer SSL certificate support unless retained to do so. Should you retain one of Luna's partners to install an SSL, you the website administrator take on any liability of a successful or failed install. If you retain Luna for the install we guarantee a successful install or your money back.

If you are moving an SSL from another provider you will need to work with that provider to revoke the old SSL and transfer to the new server.

Users with Platinum account access may request access to the SSL interface to acquire and install their own custom certificates. You will need to purchase and configure your certificate at a third party authorized provider. Simply submit a support ticket to do so. Any support needed in installing the SSL will be invoiced at our standard flat rate of $250. We currently only install certs from approved providers. Your provider may offer some level of SSL certificate support.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need access to your domain to purchase an SSL from an authorized provider.

SSLs vary in price.  They also have different levels of functionality, support, encryption and control panel access to manage the SSL. It is wise to consider your options carefully and consult with a professional to purchase the right type of SSL certificate for your web server, needs and budget.