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Subscriptions Settings

General Settings

  • Payments Viewable: Enter how many past payments the subscriber is able to see when they log in.
  • Continue Button Top: By default, the subscription page will have a "Continue" button under all of the subscription options that moves them to the next step of the checkout process. If your subscriptions page contains many options, or enough where the user would have to scroll down the page, this option allows you to add a "Continue" button above the options to make it easier for the customer to continue .
  • No CC for Zero: Toggle to "Yes" so that the customer does not need to enter credit card information if the cost at checkout is zero.
  • Option to Auto-Renew: By default, subscriptions auto-renew if the customer does not cancel. Toggle to "Yes" if you would like to allow customers to choose auto-renewal as an option.
  • No CC Auto-Off: If no credit card is required to subscribe, then toggle this option to "Yes" in order to disable the auto-renew feature.
  • Purchase Multiple: Toggle to "Yes" to allow customers to purchase multiple subscriptions at the same time.
  • Shrink Subscription Desc: Toggle to "Yes" if you would like the system to automatically collapse the subscription description and provide a button to expand it when it is long.
  • Allow User Cancel: Toggle to "Yes" to allow users to log in and cancel subscriptions themselves.
  • No CC for Zero Exclude Trials: Toggle to "Yes" to require a credit card for trials, even though they may be free.