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Managing Files

Watch the VideoCreating Categories

By default, simply uploading files leave them uncategorized. It is recommended that you create categories, which help keep your files nice and organized.

In order to create a category, press the green “Create Category” button in the upper left corner.

Although not required, you may want to include a brief description of the category if you intend to use the “Files” functionality (Pages > Advanced Tab > Functionality) on one of your pages.

The drag and drop feature applies to your new list of categories.

Uploading Files

To add a file to the CMS, click the “Browse” button.

Your computer’s file explorer will now open and you will be able to select the file you want to upload.

By default, the file’s name within the CMS will be the same as its name before upload. If you would like the file to have a different name within the CMS, include that in the Name input field. Now click "Add File".


You are now able to perform some basic operations on the file, such as moving it to a different category, editing the file's details, or deleting it.

Protecting Files

In order to offer a PDF as a download to the public, simply upload it through the file manager, click the blue edit icon and you will see a direct link to the file. This link can be added to a webpage, or you can send the link directly to a customer and they can download it that way.

If you prefer that a customer be logged in to view/download a file, you also have that option as well. It's called "protect this file".