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Manage Users

Adding New Users

Click the "Add new User" button.

In this window, enter all of the personal information for the new user.

What is Admin?

Admins are granted the ability to:

  • add/edit/delete other users
  • create additional admin
  • set permissions for users
  • manage the content of the website
  • manage user content
  • log in as user and admin

At the launch of the site, the original admin is known as the site owner(s).  Site owners have all of the authority admins have, in addition to:

  • set permissions for other admins


Why do some of my admins have access to some modules/features while others don't?

All users can be assigned permission roles, as seen here when editing a user:


In order to adjust permission roles, go to Users > Settings/Advanced > Permissions. There you will be able to edit the default roles, create new ones, and customize each permission role to suit the needs of your organization.

Admins may have different access levels simply because some have been assigned different roles than others.