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Users Settings


Registration emails can be disabled by toggling the light bulb, while the lost password email will always be sent to a user requesting to do so.


All 3 of the emails are completely customizable and make use of dynamic variables in order to ensure the email is tailored for each individual user.  It is recommended that you not change the "From Email" field.  All other fields can be changed according to your needs.

A dynamic variable is a snippet of code that is used by the CMS to automatically output text for you.  In order to add a dynamic variable to the body of the email (or any part of the page), simply press the gear icon , which will open up a window allowing you to select and add the desired variable into the text field.

  • @site_email@ - the primary email account for your site.  Example: ""
  • @site_name@ - Your website's name (not necessarily your domain name). 
  • @user_email@ - The email provided by the user at registration


Are Auto-Generated Emails Secure?

Emails generated by the LunaSoft platform do not contain viruses because the code that generates these emails is closely monitored under source control. Also, email inboxes set up with us have virus filtering on the server side to help prevent virus propagation.