Discover Information Your Business Needs

LunaSoft Surveys makes it easier than ever to create online surveys, forms, questionnaires and more. Robust technology merges with a user-friendly interface that allows authorized administrators to build surveys and indicate where they wish the form to appear on their live website. 

The survey builder allows an organization to create custom surveys or questionnares for website visitors to fill out.  From the website's backend secure area, administrators can create new surveys and indicate the placement on the public front end of the site. Various fields, labels and ordering allows for almost any type of survey to be created. In addition, the administrator can determine whether the form will save to a database for data retrieval, email an administrator or both.

Key features include:

User-Friendly Form Creation

  • Define custom fields to get information your business needs
  • Easily reorder fields using drag & drop
  • Receive information from a variety fields including:
    • Text Input, Drop Down, Radio, Check-box
    • Multi-Page Forms
    • Document Uploads
    • Custom Labels

Secure Database of Submissions

  • Save submitted forms to secure databases
  • Send submissions to administrator via email
  • Access user submissions via secure login
  • Avoid spammers & bot submissions with image verification (Captcha)

e-Commerce Integration to Accept Secure Payments

  • Create forms to accept credit card payments
  • Link merchant accounts & payment gateway for secure online payments
  • Integrates with
  • Interaction with e-commerce to accept credit cards

Survey/Form Submission Reporting

  • Manipulate report data
    • Sort
    • Filter
    • Search