The Lunasoft Platform

One Login for Almost Everything

Now staff members can login and manage your website, blog, shopping cart, contacts, and emails from location. We have several other advanced modules and can create custom modules for your organization.

Do you have multiple databases and spreadsheets that are difficult to keep track of with your growing organization? It's not uncommon to have a Contact Manager/CRM on one platform, your website on another, a blog with another service, your shopping cart on yet another database and the list goes on. Think about your email newsletters and social media. Are they integrated together or do you have logins everywhere? LunaSoft solves this problem of trying to keep all of your date synched.

Some of Our Most Popular Modules Include:

  • CRM / Contact Management
  • CMS / Website Builder
  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • Surveys
  • Analytics
  • Mass Email
  • Shopping Cart
  • Event Registration
  • Live Chat
  • Classifieds
  • Forum / Message Board
  • Social Network
  • Affiliate / Ad Management 
  • Subscriptions
  • Membership
  • Product Management
  • And More!

Other Platform Features

The LunaSoft Platform was not just made for regular users but also for advanced users who may require more technical features. Listed below are some of the more popular features of the platform.

Multi-Domain Capability

Managing all of your web properties from on interface is possible with a multi-domain license on the LunaSoft platform.

It isn't uncommon to have more than one domain or website in your organization. More and more companies realize the advantages to marketing by having microsites, landing pages and web properties focused on a product, service or niche. 

Multiple domains are advantageous to conversion optimization because you can target your traffic to the content they are looking for or have clicked on.

Template Editor (skin editor)

Have an existing website design that needs to be put in the LunaSoft Platform? - no problem! Advanced users or webmasters who wish to "skin" or mold their design with HTML/CSS can do so easily with the template editor. All that is needed is a knowledge of HTML and CSS.


If you have already invested into software applications unique to your business model - you can still use the power of the LunaSoft Platform to seamlessly communicate with your databases. LunaSoft has a robust API (Application Programming Interface) so web developers can easily push and pull data to existing databases to keep your data synched or generate reports custom to your organization.

Includes (components)

In web development, the convenience of server side includes can't be underestimated. On the LunaSoft Platform, you are able to create both global includes "components" and regular non-global components that can output your content anywhere you execute the component token.


Pulling dynamic information from the LunaSoft Database is easy with predefined tokens. Instantly pull queries of most recent, popular or featured data. Show your most recent blogs, thumbnail images from blog posts or a dynamic category navigation from your shopping cart anywhere in the LunaCMS. There are many tokens that are customizable to allow you to take advantage of the platforms power but also give you the flexibility to customize to suit your needs.